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Our Process
No Pressure Selling® is the most effective, powerful, and customer-friendly sales process ever created. Over 10,000 professionals use it today to increase profits as they close more sales and sell for higher prices than the competition.

They are following a very simple approach to meeting customer needs:
1. Discovering Opportunities
2. Presenting Benefits
3. Gaining Commitment

No Pressure Selling® is customer-friendly. Customers want to buy, but they don’t want to feel like they were “sold.” Our no-pressure approach allows salespeople to maintain a polite and respectful atmosphere. We have developed the process to allow the customer to sell themselves. The needs, wants, and desires of the customer are what drive the process and, ultimately, drive the solution. A solution properly designed around the needs of the customer is simple to close if the customer understands how their most important needs are met.
No Pressure Selling® is value-focused. One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is dwelling too much on price or making pre-judgments about a customer’s ability to afford a solution. We teach you to focus on the value the solution provides, rather than the cost.
When salespeople are value-focused they learn to effectively communicate a solution’s benefits in a manner that also focuses the customer on value. When value exceeds price, customers will buy!

No Pressure Selling® is process driven. Our research shows that most sales professionals don’t use a prescribed process when they sell. They simply “do it their way” and many people enjoy successful careers with this approach. What is scary is the un-tapped potential that exists from these individuals. Mix the personality and communication skills of one of these salespeople with the No Pressure Selling® process and you have created the “ultimate salesman.”

Processes are consistent, repeatable, and generate a predictable response. When your sales team follows a process like No Pressure Selling® you know exactly what is happening in each sales opportunity. A consistency approach will generate consistent sales.

No Pressure Selling® is designed to sell premium products. A funny thing happens when salespeople take the time to determine exactly what the needs and desires of the customer are. They sell more premium, high-margin solutions. (products and services) Customers do want the benefits that premium solutions provide

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